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The San Antonio Bonsai Society presents several opportunities to learn first-hand and in-person about the ancient Japanese art of Bonsai. Visit our Events tab for details about these Free and Open to the Public lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions. To learn about Membership, click here:

Our club meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of each month. Interested folks at any level of experience are welcome to check us out as our guest.

We hope you'll want to become a member and pursue this fulfilling and relaxing activity of raising tiny trees!  Click on About Us/Membership for information on how to join.

Available for everyone - see our Resources tab for an extensive library of Bonsai information, curated by the San Antonio Bonsai Society!

As a non-profit organization, we gladly accept bonsai related donations such as pots, wire, and established bonsai or trees to be collected. Email us if you would like to make a donation.


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